Abandonment of the MV Hector

In May 2010, the vessel, which was experiencing engine problems, sought permission to anchor off the coast in South African territorial waters. Permission was granted for this, subject to directives issued by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) relating to tugboat assistance being given to the casualty (at owner’s expense) to ensure its safety and to prevent pollution damage to the environment.

Ultimately, the engine problems could not be repaired and the “Hector” was towed into the port of Cape Town and the costs of doing so were considerable. Upon closer scrutiny and inspection of the vessel, she was found to be in an atrocious and neglected state and the vessel was unseaworthy.

The owner of the vessel was called upon to pay SAMSA the costs incurred in having the casualty towed to the port of Cape Town. However, the owner abandoned the ship, which was then sold to defray expenses. We assisted the crew and service providers in enforcing their claims, negotiating payment of outstanding salaries and facilitated the repatriation of the crew to their homes in Syria and West Africa.

Shown here: the M.V. “Hector” alongside “Government Jetty”, port of Cape Town