Forced Sale of the MV Sea Buffalo

In early 2011, a longstanding dispute between the co-owners of the MV “Sea Buffalo regarding the operation of the vessel and liability for creditors’ claim spilled over into the admiralty court in Cape Town and an order was granted for the vessel to be auctioned.

The vessel traded between ports in South Africa, Namibia and Angola.

Initially, we acted for one of the co-owners advising it on admiralty jurisdiction generally and the “forced” sale of the vessel by the court.

With the consent of the co-owner, we then assisted the crew, arranged for their repatriation, filed their claims with the referee and obtained payment of their claims from the court. We also acted for a number of commercial creditors with regard to their claims against the admiralty fund constituting the proceeds of the sale of the vessel.

En route by launch to the “Sea Buffalo” at anchorage

The “Sea Buffalo” at anchorage outside port limits, Table Bay

Alan Goldberg consulting on board the vessel with Philippino crew men

At the time of our being instructed for the crew, fresh food and other provisions on board the “Sea Buffalo” had run out

In conjunction with the sheriff of the court and the ITF, we assisted in the procuring of supplies and arranging for them to be urgently delivered to the vessel

Here the sheriff of the admiralty court, Mark Withers, is seen loading supplies on to the launch “Solitaire” for delivery to the vessel

Admiralty Sheriff, Mark Withers on the “Solitaire” en route to the “Sea Buffalo” in Table Bay

Off-shore Maritime Services launch

“Solitaire” alongside the “Sea Buffalo” at anchorage in Table Bay

Access to the vessel at anchorage via pilot ladder

Alan Goldberg, paralegal Lynne Gordon, and members of the crew of the “Sea Buffalo”